The Joy of Starting a Shared Life

Introducing a collection of bespoke rings that live up to the moment.

Our Diamonds

Next-level Diamonds

At first, we assumed mined diamonds were the gold standard. However, serendipity led us to lab-grown diamonds.

Compared to their mined counterparts, Couple diamonds are atomically identical, yet 25-30% larger on a price basis and have zero ethical and environmental impact.

Our Standard

Remarkably Grown.
Meticulously Selected.

Our diamonds are born from a thin sliver of an exceptional diamond. They are then incubated and grown in optimized conditions that replicate the earth’s core. Afterwards, the raw diamonds are harvested, cut, polished and graded. All Couple diamonds are IGI certified and must pass our rigorous in-house gemologist inspection.

Our Motto

“Our mission is simple—make finding the perfect engagement ring easier and more joyful.”

The Experience

A ring and so much more.

For us, the details really matter. That’s why every Couple ring arrives in a special box, with thoughtful details for both of you to delight in.

Small enough to fit in a pocket. Elegant enough to provoke that classic gasp of surprise.

An understated but solid place for your love to rest the ring. With a vegan leather liner and minimal walls, the ring won’t wander off when taken off.

A guide to how our diamonds are organically grown, so that your fiancée can appreciate the thought and care you put into the ultimate statement of love.


Here’s to the start of something beautiful.

The ring buying process is complicated enough. We simplified it so that you can focus on the most important part—the proposal. We’re here to help you plan the perfect engagement and can answer any questions about rings, diamonds or proposal etiquette and ideas.

Our Story

“Our mission is simple—make finding the perfect engagement ring easier and more joyful.”