Behind the Scenes with Rachel & Dylan - Designing their dream engagement ring with our Diamond Concierge

By Chelsea Mazur |

At Couple we offer a timeless selection of engagement rings, wedding bands and earrings available to purchase online. But for those who are looking to customize a design or completely design a ring from scratch, we offer complimentary consultations and design services through our Diamond Concierge. 

Whether you are looking for another diamond shape, such as a cushion, princess, radiant, or looking to customize the 4cs of your diamond, adding a hidden halo, or maybe creating something completely from scratch. Our Diamond Concierge is here to assist you throughout the entire process. 

We are very excited to be partnered with @rachspeed and @dylanyang to custom design their dream engagement ring. Nowadays many couples are choosing to start the design process together. Since getting engaged is such an important milestone in their shared life, they have decided to design their ring together! 

Meet Rachel and Dylan, one of our amazing couples who have been together for over 10 years! They have travelled the world together, adopted an adorable dog named Toledo and purchased their first home in Toronto. Throughout it all they have always done everything together. Follow along on their journey as they begin their design process, learn more about lab grown diamonds, and try on some spectacular diamond engagement rings at our Flagship Toronto Store in part 1.

In part 2 of their design journey, Rachel and Dylan work on their custom design renderings for their ring and view a few potential diamonds in person at our Toronto Store. And come to their final decision on which ring design they are going to choose. 

Check out our Instagram to see their final design 

If you have any questions about the design process, you can chat with our Diamond Concierge in person, over the phone, video call, or website chat. We are here to bring your dreams to life!

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