Devin and Chris #realcoupleproposals

By Chelsea Mazur |

If you are a fan of figure skating movies, you have watched the classic stories of the cool hockey player and talented figure skater who fall in love and skate beautifully together. Meet Devin and Chris the modern skating couple. 

Although this couple didn’t have a meet cute on a skating rink like in the movies, they did get engaged on one! This skating duo met on one of the cutest sounding dating apps, called Coffee Meets Bagel. Chris had spent nearly 4 years on the online dating circuit before matching with Devin. Lucky for the both of them, Devin’s friend, Victoria set up Devin's whole dating profile. Chris was her first match and turned out to be her only match! 

After chatting back and forth on the app, they decided to chat over the phone. They started talking while Devin was driving home from her synchronized skating practice one night and she mentioned she really wanted to watch the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Chris was at home, and as a hockey player did the unthinkable, and turned it on to share the play by play with Devin. She taught Chris the basics of figure skating and made sure to let him know she was also a huge hockey fan. They talked for hours that evening and a few days later met in person at a restaurant in downtown Boston named jm Curley. After a lovely dinner, Chris and Devin walked the Boston Commons together and kissed by the Frog Pond Skating Rink.  

While house-sitting for a friend they got a glimpse of what their life could be like together. And after being together for only a few months, they both knew they had found their life partner. A few years later when they decided that getting married was the next step for their relationship, they started looking for rings. Devin was drawn towards the classic Tiffany’s engagement ring. However the price tag didn’t quite fit Chris’s budget. 

They both discovered Couple after reading an article about lab grown diamonds. They were both impressed with the concept of creating real diamonds in a lab and the price of the rings. 

The process of designing their perfect engagement ring was simple for them. They shared their love for minimalist designs so picking the thin band classic setting was a no-brainer. We set up a meeting with the Concierge Team to see the difference in diamond sizes and prong settings. Devin left the final decisions up to Chris but they were on the same page the entire time. 

The proposal: 

Devin didn't make the proposal process very easy for Chris but he eventually found a date to propose while we were both in town. Chris knew he wanted to propose at an ice rink. One of the rinks he plays hockey at regularly offered to find him some ice time to rent for the proposal. Chris tried to play it off to Devin that there was going to be a holiday mixer between the regular hockey guys and figure skaters of the rink. To make sure Devin did not figure it out too quickly, he called her figure skating friends to make sure they were in on the plan in case Devin questioned their attendance. On the day of, Chris was very nervous as they arrived for the "mixer". Chris pulled Devin to center ice as the lights were dimmed and "Endless Love" by Lionel Richie & Diana Ross was playing over the speakers (cue the scene from Happy Gilmore). Devin doesn't remember Chris's exact words but all she remembers is saying "yes" with the biggest smile on her face. Not only were we at our favourite place (the ice rink) but we were surrounded by friends and our beloved dog, Kiira.

The Wedding: 

They started planning the wedding a few months after they got engaged to accommodate Devin's schedule around her schooling to become a physician assistant. They played around with a few options between October - December 2020. Chris had always envisioned a smaller, intimate ceremony and dinner with a few close friends and family. Devin was the opposite and wanted a larger wedding with more friends and extended family. When COVID hit, they decided it would be more appropriate to have the smaller ceremony this year to get legally married and save the larger celebration for 2021 after Devin graduates. For the intimate ceremony, they invited their parents and four of their closest friends to Colorado Springs. They brought the wedding party to Palmer Park where our photographer was waiting for us. Colorado is the only state where you can solemnize your own marriage and they thought it best to let our wedding party run the ceremony instead of paying someone we don’t know to do it instead. 

As they gathered around the spot they picked out in the park, Chris surprised everyone by saying the officiant would not be joining us and then handed out script cards for each attendee to recite specific lines to the ceremony. Everyone was given a moment to share their best wishes to us as a married couple before they all joined together to pronounce us as husband and wife. 

No one saw that coming and we really enjoyed having everyone be a part of the ceremony. Devin and Chris choose stunning matching round platinum bands for their wedding. They capped off the evening with a great dinner at Prime 25 restaurant. 

Congratulations to this stunning couple on their beautiful engagement and wedding! You can follow Devin and Chris on their journey together on Instagram @devinwang and @chrisjpao