Devjit and Kat #realcoupleproposals

By Chelsea Mazur |

The world is a small place sometimes. You run into people who become so important in your life, multiple times without even realizing it. For Devjit and Kat, the universe was trying to put them together for a while. Luckily the dating app Bumble finally brought these two together. For their first date, they met up at a brewery in Toronto’s iconic Kensington Market. They hit it off immediately. From the start it felt like they had known each other for years. Conversation flowed so easily and this pair didn’t want the evening to end, going to multiple bars to extend their first date. 

After dating for a little while, they realized that their first date wasn't the first time they had met, or even the second. Going through their history together they realized they had met three times before. The first was a close run-in at Graduation at Queen’s University, another when Kat was selling furniture that Devjit almost bought, and lastly was at a friend’s party. 

After three years together, Devjit and Kat had shared so many experiences that helped them grow as a couple. From challenges, successes, lows, and happy times. They had been through everything together. They knew that they wanted to share all of their future moments both big and small with one another, so getting married felt like a natural next step for them.  

When they started looking for rings together Couple seemed like the perfect combination of what they were interested in. As an engineer, Devjit is a builder at heart and loved how he had the opportunity to really build the ring that I knew Kat would love from scratch with the help of our Diamond Concierge. As a consciously minded Couple, Kat really loved how our diamond's were ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. Plus, she said the rings are absolutely beautiful! 

To start the process Devjit and Kat came in together to our Toronto Flagship to look at rings, and get a sense of what they both wanted. Kat made sure to drop a few hints about the design and style to lead Devjit in the right direction, but he made sure to make the final ring a surprise. 

Trying to keep a secret while quarantining with your partner is hard enough, but planning an engagement is an amazing accomplishment! Devjit did an amazing job at keeping his secret proposal from Kat. From taking sneaky zoom calls with our Diamond Concierge to look at and discuss diamonds, to going "for runs", which actually meant he was visiting the Couple store. 

After keeping the secret so well throughout the whole design process, the surprise was almost ruined on the day Devjit came to pick up the finished ring at our Toronto store. Kat was going to go visit her parents and was supposed to leave the car for Devjit. But last minute she decided to drive. With no car, Devjit decided to bike to the Couple store. When he arrived to pick up what he thought was a small ring box, was surprised with a large elegantly designed box that was a little bigger than he was expecting. He quickly biked home with the box and just as he was arriving back to their condo, Kat was arriving back from her parents. Making a mad dash up the stairs to avoid running into her in the elevator. He had just enough time to hide the box within his closet before she came into the apartment. It was a close call, but he made it just in time! 

The Proposal: 

With trips and travelling limited during the pandemic, they decided to spend a week up north in Muskoka. They both enjoy hiking, so Devjit planned a morning hike for them at the beautiful Solitaire Lake in Muskoka, which reminded him of the solitaire design he had chosen for Kat’s ring. The morning of their hike, it was an icy -21C outside, but braving the cold they both set out on their adventure. When Kat stopped to take photos of the beautiful icicles, Devjit decided that was his perfect moment. When she turned around, Kat was totally surprised and excited about getting engaged. Devjit had come prepared with a bottle of champagne, glasses and Kat’s favourite carrot cake to celebrate their magical moment.  

Devjit and Kat are planning to get married in 2022 at the Toronto Hunt Club, overlooking beautiful lake Ontario. You can follow @devjit_k and @katvasilopoulos on Instagram. Congratulations to Devjit and Kat on their beautiful engagement!