Diamonds 101 - What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

By Jeff Brenner |

Let’s start with the most important question... are lab-grown diamonds real diamonds? The answer is Yes, 100%. They’re identical down to the atom.  They have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as an earth-mined diamond. They are graded on the same scale as mined diamonds with the ONLY difference being the original habitat.

Just like an apple grown in an orchard is the same as an apple grown in a greenhouse, a lab-grown diamond is no different in composition to one grown in a mine. Here's an FTC announcement on lab-grown diamonds.

Lab grown diamond

So how does the process work? Unlike diamond alternatives like cubic zirconia or Moissanite (which are precious gems but not diamonds), lab-grown diamonds are 100% identical to mined diamonds – their process of creation reflects what happens underground.

We begin with a sliver of a pre-existing diamond, then we create an environment that replicates that of the earth’s core. Over time that sliver grows into a raw diamond mass which must be masterfully cut into the stone shapes you are familiar with today (oval, round, princess, and so on). Since each diamond is individually hand-cut, no two diamonds will ever be alike, or be completely perfect, which is what makes diamonds so precious and rare. 

After the raw diamonds are harvested, cut, polished and graded, they are then IGI certified and held to the same exact standards as mined diamonds. This inspection determines the carat size, cut, color and clarity of the diamond.

This technical revolution of growing diamonds is changing the diamond industry for the better.

The end result is raw, real, meticulously crafted rings that are socially responsible and something you can feel good about. There’s no need to dig a massive mine that has significant environmental and social impact on the local and broader landscape.

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