Modernizing the Men’s Wedding Band: New Trends and Styles

By Chelsea Mazur |

While nothing can beat the joy of giving a truly perfect, bespoke engagement ring, we’ve been having a lot of fun building custom Men’s Wedding Bands recently. 

Just take a look at this video from popular Youtuber – and longtime Couple customer – Karl Conrad. His unique wedding band features a 1.5ct Emerald Lab Grown Diamond set into a Platinum Signet Band with Beveled edges - and even a custom engraving of the tri-force - from his favourite Video Game Zelda. Karl’s wedding band is anything but standard. It’s bold, personalized and a sure-fire conversation starter. 

That’s not to say going with a classic, timeless wedding band design is the wrong choice. It all comes down to personal choice. Lots of guys still prefer a subtle, straightforward design that showcases their commitment to their spouse, without being flashy.

All we are saying is the sky’s the limit. If you want to have a bit of fun and create a custom men’s wedding band with a bit more flare, personality, or even bling, you should go for it. 

From adding simple details like matte finishes, or bevelled edges to their bands, to going with spectacular custom designs with mixed metals, and diamonds, there’s a lot to consider when building a custom wedding band with our Diamond Concierge. What to Consider when you're designing a custom Men’s Wedding Bands

  • Metal Selection – Remember, your band doesn’t have to be gold (unless that’s what you want). There are other metals that can enhance the look and feel of your wedding band and even make it more durable or resistant to scratching – such as platinum. 

  • Made to Match – If you are planning to match his & her bands, consider bringing elements from one ring into the next, such as diamonds or metal accents. This keeps both rings unique but creates a pair that is meant to be together…  just like the two of you! 

  • Lifestyle – Many men have complained that their rings get scuffed and dirty depending on their career and daily habits. When planning your men’s custom wedding band, consider how it will perform on a daily basis, and choose elements that support your lifestyle. Platinum is always a great choice for durability. 

  • Engravings –  Adding a custom engraving can be a beautiful personal element, from your wedding dates, sayings you have between you and your partner, or maybe a cool symbol that you love (like the triforce!) 

  • Diamonds – Who said diamonds are just for women? Add them to your unique band, from inlaid diamonds on your band, or signet rings with larger carat weights. 

Building a custom design is easier than ever, with the help of our Diamond Concierge service. They are here to inspire you and bring your dreams to life. Plus you can get a complimentary 3D renderings of your design to help you visualize your band before it goes into production. 

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