Perfect Pairings from Vogue, Featuring Couple's Classic Ring

By Ashley Braz |

Now that engagement season is upon us, we're always looking for the latest bridal and engagement trends, and who better than Vogue to provide some timely inspiration.

In their recent article, "The Most Dazzling Engagement Rings and Nail Polish Pairings for Every Bride," Vogue gives us the perfect shades of nail polish to complement your left-hand sparkler.


Screenshot of Vogue article 


Featured here on the bottom left is Couple’s Classic – Thin diamond ring set in yellow gold – and we have to agree with Vogue, it pairs extremely well with Yves Saint Laurent's shade Fuchsia Intemporel.

The English meaning of the French word Intemporel is Timeless, which is true of both our Classic ring and the nail polish shade itself.


Couple's Classic Thin Diamond Ring

Thanks to Vogue for your always-inspiring, fashion-forward advice.