Real Couple Proposals - Janny and Tony

By Chelsea Mazur |

Meet one of our amazing couples - Janny and Tony. They met through mutual friends at the electronic music festival, Digital Dreams in Toronto. They instantly debated whether two-letter words were allowed in Banana grams and what a perfect day looks like. 

They exchanged numbers that night and had their first date a few days later in Toronto's beautiful Trinity Bellwoods park. They were both supposed to bring a shareable dish: Janny remembered Tony mentioning banh cuon, a nostalgic/comfort Vietnamese dish; Tony brought banh mi, the classic Vietnamese sandwich. Great minds think alike and that led to a perfect, careless summer night. 

Within a month, they ended up in Budapest together. Janny had plans to go to Tomorrowland Festival and then Budapest and Tony happened to set aside some time off with no destination in place. Taking a leap of faith, they met in Budapest and it remains one of their favourite cities, but it was only the start of their  adventures. 

One of their favourite memories together is adopting their adorable poodle, Chori. She's their never-dimming light of their lives. They've watched her grow from anxiety-riddled and timid to a less anxious but wildly curious dog discovering all the world has to offer. Without a doubt, they said it was the best decision ever getting Chori! 

There is always a point in a relationship, where you think this is the person I want to marry one day. Janny knew Tony was the one she wanted to marry after seeing how he fit so well into her life and held similar values. Tony was incredibly supportive and remind her to prioritize my over well-being as Janny was dealing with a lot of compassion fatigue from her work as a health care provider.

For Tony, the moment that stands out for him is when he woke up on a Saturday morning with no plans for the day and looked over at Janny and thought “this is an unremarkable day, but if I get to wake up with Janny by my side, I can do this for the rest of my life”.  

The Design Process

Both Janny and Tony knew they would get married eventually but didn’t know when. So when it came time to look for a ring, it was important to both of them to shop for rings together. They look at their relationship as a team effort. Although they did not have the same ideas for the rings, I was able to work with them both to design an engagement ring that represented both of them as a Couple.

Janny scheduled an appointment at Couple's Toronto store because she liked the company's ethos and focus on sustainability, and wanted her diamond to be ethical and conflict-free. They also both valued the custom service offered by Couple, which helped them develop their customized ring renderings and one-to-one-meetings at a convenient downtown location. It also helped since they were referred by a friend who had raved about their own personal exceptional experience at Couple. 

When they started the design process they had no clue what they were looking for. I had the personal pleasure of working with Janny and Tony one on one to help them with ideas for their engagement ring. We took our time customizing their design and finding the perfect diamond. Janny and Tony both fell in love with the Classic Round Thin Solitaire in 18k Yellow Gold. They customized their design with platinum prongs, a hidden halo, with a non cathedral setting. After a few renditions of the design, they were presented with the final draft and they both loved it and knew it was the one! 

The Proposal and Wedding 


Janny had been invited to a bachelorette party, and their friends were going to go to Death Valley before heading to Vegas. In Vegas, the plan was for the girls to go to the bachelorette party, and the guys would do their own thing. 

Leading up to the trip, Janny jokingly suggested they take our engagement photos in Death Valley and have a shotgun wedding in Vegas. As unconventional as it was, Tony loved the idea and agreed. 

Their photographer, Erin Roberts, photographed their engagement in Death Valley and elopement in Las Vegas. 

In Death Valley, they told their friends that they had a photoshoot scheduled, and Tony proposed at the Artist's Palette. They then took photos in Badwater Basin and wrapped up at the Mesquite Flat sand dunes during sunset. 

The next day, they told their friends they had to see family for lunch in Vegas. Their friends didn't suspect anything and expected Tony to drop off Janny at the bachelorette party afterwards. 

Janny and Tony got their marriage licence before heading to the Little White Chapel for a 15-minute ceremony with Elvis. When the ceremony was over, Elvis sang Viva Las Vegas as they danced out of the chapel. A fitting way to start their new lives as husband and wife, given how the rest of the weekend went…but as they say, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"

Between school, work and moving, life has been moving fast but they haven't had a chance to plan their honeymoon yet. But they definitely plan on taking a honeymoon when they have a moment to breathe. And when they do, Japan will likely be at the top of their destination list! 

Congratulations to Janny and Tony on their amazing engagement and wedding! Wishing them all the happiest holidays and the best for the years to come! You can follow Janny and Tony on Instagram @onthegojan @tonybuoy. Photos taken by the talented @erinrobertsphotography

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