35% bigger diamonds for 100% bigger reactions.

Our diamonds are bigger, brighter, and of superior quality to mined diamonds of the same price. And the best part? We've reinvented the entire process of buying an engagement ring.

Modern Romance

The old way of buying rings didn't work for us. So we changed the whole process, from sourcing diamonds to trying them on.

The Experience

A brand new take on a billion year old product

By offering only the highest quality diamonds, one-on-one customer service, and an innovative online platform, we've turned the process of getting engaged into the experience it always should have been - one filled with joy and confidence.

Our Diamonds

Lab-grown Diamonds

Couple diamonds are atomically and chemically identical to mined diamonds, but they are grown in a lab above the ground. The ground breaking process has allowed us to offer truly beautiful diamonds, without the harm to others.

Why Couple?

Ethical and Sustainable Diamonds

We incubate our diamonds in the same conditions found deep within earth’s core. Recent technology has optimized the combination of temperature and heat, allowing them to grow even more effectively above ground. Just like their mined counterparts, Couple stones are harvested as raw diamonds that are then cut and polished.

A thoughtful, refined, and joyful experience from your first visit to ‘I do’

Every touchpoint of our experience has been designed to make the process of selecting an engagement ring fun, stress-free, and exciting. We’ve been there ourselves, and know the value of having experts you can trust there to guide you along the way.

Timeless designs, superior quality

Our standard optimizes the cut, color and clarity balance, so that your diamond is stunning to the naked eye. Our 12-step quality control process ensures only the most spectacular diamonds are used in our rings.

Buy online with confidence

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your ring, simply return it within 60 days for a resize, exchange or full refund. Free 2-day shipping included to make things as simple as possible. If for any reason your Couple ring is damaged due to manufacturing, we’ll repair or replace it, no questions asked.

Get started

Book your free consultation today

Speak with our Diamond Concierge, who can answer any questions you have about the process, provide style guidance and advice, and start the process of designing your dream ring.