5 Unique Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Toronto

By Nicole Hutchinson |

What used to be a holiday exclusively for lovers has now expanded into celebrations of all types of relationships- and who doesn't love celebrating some self love or a “Galentine’s” date? I think we can all agree that spoiling your loved ones a little extra is always a nice sentiment. Whether it be your partner, your best friend, or your pet, we challenge you to take advantage of this day and do something nice for yourself and for someone else! Look, we’re not asking you to buy diamonds (or are we?) but we think love, in whatever form it may come, should be celebrated. To make this Valentine’s Day more memorable than the last, read our recommendations on some interesting activities in Toronto to try for a guaranteed memorable Valentine’s Day…

Cooking classes

Cooking together is a lot more fun when the mess is not in your kitchen. The city offers a variety of different cooking classes that you and your partner or a group of friends can try! We recommend hitting up Cucinato Culinary Studio for all things italian or Le Dolci to satisfy your sweetheart and your sweet tooth.


Indoor Playground

Channel your inner child and burn off some energy at Pursuit OCR. With a variety of obstacles, this is a great way to get active and let loose. The course is designed for people of all abilities, so there is no need to stress about impressing your date. If getting hot and sweaty isn’t your thing, go for a little more lowkey like indoor mini golfing at Par-Tee Putt.


Another reality

Enter a virtual reality with your boo or your crew for an other worldly experience this Valentine’s day. With an assortment of VR lounges popping up, you can compete in games and experiences across the city. We recommend Rec Room as you can try the other available games and grab a bite to eat afterwards.


Love locks

Can’t fly to Paris on a whim? It may not be positioned next to the Louvre, but the Humber Bay Arch Bridge has beautiful scenery of Lake Ontario where you and your loved one can lock each other down by leaving a love lock on the bridge. Maybe it will be there forever, or maybe the city will eventually cut them all off due to failing infrastructure but either way, the memory will last. 


Tunnel Vision

History buff? Looking for something a little spooky? Get lost in the Casa Loma tunnels. The castle has a deep history and provides tours through undergrounds tunnels and secret passageways for you to explore. If you’re feeling extravagant, they also have their own steakhouse located inside the castle but it will probably be full on Valentine’s day so book ahead. Alternatively, head somewhere nearby like Flor de Sal or The Grand Elvis.