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We believe a remarkably-grown stone deserves a remarkable setting. Our rings are part of a tightly-curated collection that answers the call of timeless design. With over 25 years of experience with world-renowned jewelry houses, our craftsmen hand-set and build each ring to the highest of standards.

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The Classic

Elegant. Timeless. The quintessential symbol of love.

The Classic | Signature

Starting at 2,699

The Classic | Tapered

Starting at 2,699

The Classic | Thin

Starting at 2,599

The Pavé

Romance. Tradition. A refined statement of joy.

The Pavé | Thin

Starting at 2,799

The Pavé | Signature

Starting at 2,999

The Pavé | Tapered

Starting at 2,899

The Halo

Dramatic. Dreamy. The showstopper that leaves an elegant impression.

The Channel

Bold. Modern. Sleek. Reinventing how classics are made.


We get it, you’ve never done anything like this before.

That’s why we have a complimentary diamond concierge here to guide you through everything - from understanding what carat, color, cut, and clarity mean, to designing the perfect ring. And of course, we have resources if you’d prefer to learn at your own pace.

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The Ring Guide

A primer on the mined and organic-grown diamond industry, as well as the qualities gemologists always look for in a world-class diamond.

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Couple Diamonds

Remarkably grown.
Just for you.

Couple diamonds meet an exceptional G + VS2 standard, and are further hand-inspected to ensure they possess a unique, intangible quality.

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