Our Story

Starting a shared life should be met with celebration, not caution.

Our Mission

Buying an engagement ring should be simple, transparent, and full of joy.

Our Answer

Cut the imperfections.

The old school way of buying a ring wasn't working for us. So we re-engineered the entire process—from sourcing the diamonds to trying them on.

“Shopping for a diamond ring was miserable. I either felt cheap or like I was getting ripped off.”

The First Couple Ring

What did I just walk into?

When it was time to buy an engagement ring, I didn’t know where to start. I visited every type of jeweler out there—the traditional powerhouses, the independent shops. Even some guy who was a friend of a friend and would give me ‘the backroom deal’.

The whole process felt outdated and murky. There had to be a better way.

So I went to the source: the diamond distributors. During that diligence phase I stumbled upon a lab that was making big strides in lab-grown diamonds. After seeing how their stones were identical to mined diamonds, but with better quality and bigger carat size, I knew that I was on to something. I had a gemologist select the best diamond from the lot and a renowned jeweler handset Isabella’s ring. Shortly after she said yes, I got the gemologist and jeweler onboard and we started making Couple rings full-time.

Here’s to a better engagement ring experience. For all.

- Jeff

Our Service & Guarantee

We take this relationship pretty seriously.

We promise to be here for you throughout your engagement journey. We’d be happy to chat about how we set our stones or the latest etiquette on asking the parents. As veterans of this path in life, we’ll give you our professional advice. Or personal anecdotes, if you’re into that.

“To create a ring of this caliber we navigated the secret nuances of the diamond industry.”