Our Diamonds

Lab-grown Diamonds.

Couple’s lab-grown diamonds are atomically and chemically identical to mined diamonds, yet 35% larger on a price basis and meet the highest of standards. Compared to mined diamonds, Couple diamonds are eco-friendly, and 100% ethically produced and sourced.

The Process

Our Diamond Seed

Each Couple diamond is born from a thin sliver of an exceptional diamond.

Responsibly Grown

We incubate our diamonds in the same conditions found deep within earth’s core. Recent technology has optimized the combination of temperature and heat, allowing them to grow even more effectively above ground. Just like their mined counterparts, Couple stones are harvested as raw diamonds in the rough, imperfections and all.

Cut and Polish

Each raw diamond is then analyzed and cut into a recognizable round solitaire shape. Once polished, the diamond must pass an IGI certification of excellent cut with G color and VS2 clarity.

Meticulously Selected

A little-known fact in the diamond industry is that the grading process can be a bit subjective. That’s why we painstakingly examine each stone and ask ourselves, “is this a diamond I’d give to my spouse?” Our in-house gemologist selects the best excellent cut, G+VS2 stones and they go on to become Couple diamonds. We believe this additional step is necessary to ensure that your ring is as unique as your own love story.

Couple Diamonds

Bigger and Better

How do our diamonds compare to their mined counterparts? Price being equal, you'll see where the value in quality and size shines in a Couple diamond.

Mined Diamond

Lower quality & smaller carat

.7 Carat, Ideal Cut, SI1/SI2 Clarity, G-H Color

Couple Diamond

Higher quality & most popular carat size

1 Carat, Excellent Cut, VS1, VS2

Mined Diamond

Visibly lower quality & equal carat

SI1 or 2 Clarity, G-H Color

Our promise

We’ll focus on the diamonds.
You focus on your joy.

For me, buying an engagement ring was an emotional rollercoaster. There was a lot of research, jewelry store visits, Instagram research and doubt. After all that, I vowed to make the ring buying process simple and one that sparked joy. Trust, thoughtfulness, transparency and quality are just a few of the ways we’ll deliver when you buy a Couple ring. You deserve to focus less on the potential pitfalls of buying a ring and more on the person who will one day wear it.

— Jeff Brenner, Co-founder
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