Emmett and Emily: #RealCoupleProposal

By Nicole Hutchinson |

Emmett and Emily met over 5 years ago when both attending university. Emily was often over at Emmett’s house because they had mutual friends, and the first time she noticed him he was playing guitar...shirtless...alone in his bedroom… Needless to say he sparked her interest. As she put on her shoes and exited the party, Emmett saw her and immediately thought “wow”. They eventually formally met and came to realize they were studying the same program. Looking for a way to spend some alone time with her, Emmett asked for her help to tutor him in Corporate Finance. The catch? Emmett was actually doing well in that class. But he certainly met his match because Emily had fooled him as well - she wasn’t great at corporate finance, and would do the work beforehand and memorize the answers before studying with him. Emmett later started attending her finance class because he said the teacher was better. Another fib to get some quality time with Emily.




After many study dates, the two quickly became best friends and partners. That’s one thing they both share and admire about their relationship; they are best friends above all else. Their first date, which they argue was at different locations, has a similar storyline. They went to a local bar in the middle of winter. Emmett wasn’t properly equipped for the cold weather so they ran down the street together to keep warm before arriving at the bar. Emmett loved that Emily was up for an adventure and she loved that he made her laugh. They both agree there wasn’t a specific moment where they realized the other was “the one”, but it was the cumulative memories they shared as friends and partners that made it a no-brainer. Emily recalls a specifically sweet gesture where they had just moved into their first apartment together. They had nothing but an air mattress and a couple moving boxes, but Emmett used those to set a scene and toast to their new beginning with a bottle of champagne and two plastic flutes. 




Emmett and Emily find similar loving qualities in one another; he loves that she listens to him and helps him find solutions to his problems and she loves that he guides her through life’s challenges. Apparently she also makes killer banana bread. They are similar in many ways and balance each other with their differences. The future was always something they spoke about, reflecting on children and where they want to lay down roots. So naturally, they took the next step and Emmett began looking at rings about 8 months before he proposed. The element of surprise was key for his proposal so he tried his best to hide the ring ads that kept popping up on the computer and hid the ring under his bed once he received it (which she later admitted to looking for). He was so nervous about her finding out that he only asked her Dad for permission the day before. “It was the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life” Emmett told us.



He wanted the moment to be private and to reminisce about their history together while looking towards the future. So after one failed attempt, when Emily had a friend emergency, he told her to come home promptly at 5 PM on a Friday. He sent flowers to her work that afternoon that included a card which told her to pack her bags so she knew something was up. Back at their apartment, Emmett was lighting dozens and dozens of candles, laying out flower petals and shaping them into a path that lead to the center of the room where he had hung photos of them over the years. Once arriving home, at 5 PM on the dot, Emily immediately noticed the smell of fresh flowers as she got off the elevator. Emmett’s favorite part of the proposal was seeing her face when she walked through the door. After walking her through the room and reminiscing on the memories attached to the photos, Emmett got down and one knee and asked her to marry him. Emily’s response? “Of course!”.

Q & A;

What did they do post-proposal?

Emmett had pre-planned a weekend getaway to Blue Mountain. The couple enjoyed a private weekend, keeping their engagement a secret from family and friends for a couple of days.

What were some great marriage tips they received?

“Never go to bed angry”, “listen to one another”

How did he choose the ring?

Emily had previously tagged him in a few subtle Instagram posts. They also had casually mused at the window displays of local jewelry stores. He knew she would want something classic & timeless.

Why lab-grown?

Emmett and Emily are both lovers of the environment and consciously make efforts in their daily lives to reduce their impact. After being introduced to Couple, Emmett loved that he could buy a diamond that doesn’t have a negative impact. They both love that Couple provides a sustainable and ethical alternative to mined diamonds.